dA dAddIeS SuGaR sHacK BLuEs PaRtY HoT NewS MOjo LiNkS CoNtaCT uS

Blues Guitar - ZZ Kang - He began playing for the Daddies after being laid off at the 7/11 and hasn't looked back since. ZZ's
a self proclaimed disciple of Sonny Rhodes. Blues is his religion.

Blues Drums - Muddy 'MAC' McKinnon - Muddy Mac started
his musical career in the Delta. The car was rollin' fine until he used it on the last Sugar Daddies tour in northern Ontario.

Blues Harp - Dr. Harpoon - The Doctor came to the Daddies
via an extensive lounge tour in his native Iceland. He lets ya
know his field of medicine is "Feel Good" all the way baby!

Blues Bass - Boxkar Binder - Known as the band's infamous
musical director, when asked for the 'key' he gladly turned
over Muddy Mac's Delta and five bucks gas money.

Blues Shoutin' - Frankie Martini - Martini has been shoutin'
Blues from Acton to Georgetown ON over 30 years for sodas, wings and smokes. Winner of the 2006 Blues Lifestyle Award.

'Make sure it'S  rEd hOt SuGaR dAddIeS for yer next Blues Party!' -curly howard

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